Adjunct Instructor

  • Social Psychology, Brown University, Summer 2013. download syllabus
  • Introduction to Psychology Laboratory, Connecticut College, Spring 2013.

Teaching Consultant

  • Social Psychology, Brown University, Spring 2014.

Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Multivariate Statistics (graduate-level course), Brown University, Spring 2012.
  • Laboratory in Social Cognition, Brown University, Spring 2011.
  • Quantitative Methods in Psychology, Brown University, Spring 2010.
  • Personality & Clinical Assessment, Brown University, Fall 2009 & Fall 2010.

Symposia, Guest Lectures, and Invited Talks

  • Society for Personality Assessment Conference, March, 2016. "Exploring and Evaluating the Congruence Coefficient as a Measure of Factor Similarity"
  • Society for Personality and Social Psychology Conference, January, 2016. “Morality’s Centrality to Interpersonal Evaluation"
  • Association for Psychological Science, May, 2012. "Revealing Change Patterns in Children’s Adaptive and Maladaptive Behavior Through Contextual Assessment"
  • Laboratory in Social Cognition, Brown University, April, 2012. “The Salience of Bad versus Good Events: Evidence and Theoretical Implications"
  • Social Cognitive Science Brown Bag, Brown University, November, 2011. “Reconciling the Assessment and Perception of Personality Change”
  • Quantitative Methods in Psychology, Brown University, March, 2010. “Probability & Binomial Distributions”
  • Advanced Clinical Psychology, Connecticut College, April, 2008. “Neuropsychological Assessment”

Teaching Certificates

  • Sheridan Center Teaching Certificate I: Sheridan Teaching Seminar, Brown University, 2010